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Smart Parking with Parkster

Pay for parking digitally: With app & licence plate recognition

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In more and more cities and even smaller municipalities, drivers are paying digitally for a parking space at the side of the road. The mobile phone replaces parking tickets and coins. How can private and municipal operators of car parks and car parks use digital payment methods?

Handyparking with the Parkster app in the parking system of Peter Park

We have integrated the parking app from our partner Parkster into the digital parking management system at Peter Park . The system is simple: At the entrance and exit of a parking area, each car is recorded via license plate recognition in compliance with data protection regulations. Drivers download the Parkster app for Android or iOS on their smartphone. The license plate number of the vehicle is stored in the app. Before leaving a parking space, the parking transaction is paid for via the app. When leaving, license plate recognition and software automatically check whether the parking fee has been paid - barriers are no longer needed.

Barrier-free and without a parking ticket - Park & Ride car park of the town of Horb am Neckar

The city of Horb am Neckar recently started using digital parking tickets on cell phones for the Park & Ride parking garage at the train station. Commuters can conveniently purchase both one-way tickets and subscriptions for the parking garage in the Parkster app; there is no longer any need to worry about cash or parking tickets. For the operator, the management of the parking processes runs automatically via the license plate recognition and software from Peter Park. Without barriers, every car gets to the parking space quickly.

Residents park at the supermarket at night with the app

Another example is residents without a fixed parking space in regions with high parking pressure. In many cases, there are adjacent supermarket parking lots that are gated and empty at night. With Peter Park , license plates can be automatically recorded in these parking areas and management implemented via the Parkster app. In this way, the retailer retains control over his parking space and, at the same time, new sources of revenue are opened up through the management of the space. Drivers pay the parking fee via the app. Once again, there is no need to issue parking tickets or erect barriers.

Number plate recognition: Automatic control of parking permits

If a parking transaction is not paid for or if a motorist exceeds the permitted parking time, these violations can be automatically tracked using the software from Peter Park via the vehicle license plate. The motorist receives the bill for the violation by mail. Of course, this option can also be used during the day to control long-term parkers.

Digital parking management with Peter Park

You want to use the advantages of Smart Parking also on your parking area? We are the leading provider of license plate recognition and parking management software. In addition to parking machines, we also integrate handyparking. With Peter Park you can record license plates in compliance with data protection regulations and manage your parking garage or parking lot via our software.

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