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Digital parking management for mountain railroads

Barrier-free parking and a digital parking system: this means, among other things, efficient parking processes, avoiding third-party parking and minimizing costs and expenses to increase profitability.

Digital parking space management for mountain railroads
Digital parking management for smooth parking processes and control with minimal effort

Parking offenders and inefficient use of parking space

Lack of control over third-party parking and the resulting expense
Cost-intensive maintenance of parking technology
Loss of revenue due to parking offenders
Complaint management keeps employees from doing their actual work
Growing pressure to increase profitability
GDPR compliance as a potential risk and stumbling block

Digital parking management for smooth parking processes and control with minimal effort

Simplification of processes through digitalization in the context of parking management
Cost reduction through minimal procurement and maintenance costs
Optimized use of parking space through simple management of parking authorizations for different customers
Avoidance and tracking of third-party parkers without additional effort
New revenue opportunities through flexible, customer-specific pricing models and reliable tracking
Higher customer satisfaction supports visit frequency and positive sales development

Peter Park ensures simple, customer-friendly parking with little effort and cost

Cloud-based parking space management

A cloud-based parking management solution that digitizes and centrally manages work steps

Use of the latest technology

Use of state-of-the-art technology, hardware and software at minimal procurement costs

More income

More revenue thanks to flexible pricing models and reliable tracking without additional personnel costs

Modular software

Software can be expanded as required thanks to modular services and links to existing parking apps

Cost reduction

Cost reduction through automation, reduction of error sources and maintenance costs

Central availability and data insight

Central availability and data insight for identifying strategies to increase sales

Automatic number plate recognition

Automatic license plate recognition to detect and track parking offenders

GDPR-compliant license plate recognition

GDPR-compliant license plate recognition based on the highest data protection standards

Parking space management made easy

All information on the system components of the Peter Park parking management solution, how it works and the benefits for both operators and parkers.


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