Barrier-free & transparent

Digital parking space control

Digital, barrier-free parking space monitoring means securing free parking spaces for your customers without any effort and offering the best possible parking experience.

Parking space control from Peter Park
Peter Park System solution

Barrier-free parking space monitoring

Barrier-free free-flow parking based on license plate recognition
Automation of all processes, from digital parking supervision to the tracking of parking offenders
Digital administration via web dashboard or tablet (long-term parking management, analyses & more)
Suitable for every type of industry, area and size

The 3 building blocks of our partnership


The parking management solution combines advanced license plate scanners, intelligent pay stations, activation tablets and clear signage, among other things. The IoT hardware enables the design of flexible parking concepts and real-time cloud connection of the area

Peter Park Hardware


The software is a central component of the parking management system. From the self-developed AI license plate recognition, to the automatic pay stations, to the online dashboard for digital administration and analysis of your parking space - all modules are designed to offer you maximum control and efficiency.

Peter Park Software


Our full-service concept accompanies you from planning and construction to the smooth go-live of your parking area. We then take over operational support for you, including maintenance, monthly billing and parking violation management. Comprehensive customer support for you and your parking customers rounds off our service.

Peter Park Service

System features at a glance

Cloud-based parking space management

A cloud-based parking management solution that digitizes and centrally manages work steps

Use of the latest technology

Use of state-of-the-art technology, hardware and software at minimal procurement costs

More income

Optimized revenue for your business through free customer parking spaces and fair customer treatment

Modular software

Tapping into new revenue potential by activating flexible management concepts outside business hours (e.g. night parking)

Cost reduction

Cost reduction by eliminating the need for personnel to monitor your parking area

Central availability and data insight

Central availability and data insight for controlling your parking space

Automatic number plate recognition

In-house developed license plate recognition and computer vision for highest data quality and collection of valuable data points around your parking area

GDPR-compliant license plate recognition

We take holistic responsibility for data protection, based on the highest GDPR standards

How it works

Barrier-free parking for parkers

Barrier-free parking for parkers

Drive in without barriers

The license plate number is scanned at the entrance and the start time of the parking process is recorded. This eliminates the need for barriers, thus avoiding tailbacks and increasing customer satisfaction.


Simply park

Parking disks or keeping a parking ticket are history. License plate recognition determines the parking time. Control personnel are no longer necessary.


Extend directly

At the exit, the license plate number is read and it is determined when the parking process has ended. The Peter Park system automatically compares the parking process with the maximum permitted parking time. The area can be left easily.

Advantages for operators

Increased profitability of your parking space for your business

Seamless 24/7 monitoring of your parking space
Time and cost-saving management of the parking area
Exploiting the full potential for higher profitability
Increase in customer satisfaction
Advantages for parkers

Optimal park experience

Convenient entry and exit without stopping at the barrier or traffic jams
No paper tickets or parking disks required
Convenient shopping thanks to available parking spaces
Digital parking management for wholesalers and retailers
The Peter Park process

Together step by step



Needs analysis, non-binding presentation of product, functionality and integration options.


Project planning
& offer

You will receive an individual project planning and a non-binding offer.


Installation &

Installation and connection in just one day.



Your parking space is digitized. After onboarding, we remain at your side as a service partner.

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Non-binding potential analysis of your parking space
Answers to all your questions
All information about our data protection-compliant system solution
Arrange a meeting with our team of experts now
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What makes the collaboration with Peter Park unique?
What makes the collaboration with Peter Park unique?

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