Reliable number plate recognition for your parking space

Manage and control your areas entirely without barriers or control personnel. High-precision registration of all vehicles as the basis for barrier-free entry and exit, with proven number plate scanner technology. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

Reliable number plate recognition for your parking space
Save costs and keep track of your parking spaces
Your advantages

Save costs and keep track of your parking spaces

Do away with cost-intensive barrier technology in favor of cost-efficient camera scanners, which are cheaper to purchase and maintain.
Your customers do not need tickets or parking disks when entering and exiting. Our telephone service is available at any time for queries.
Reliable license plate recognition ensures that all EU license plates are recorded around the clock.
All data is processed securely in the Peter Park cloud in accordance with the highest GDPR standards, with data storage in Germany.
How it works

Barrier-free parking for parkers

Barrier-free parking with Peter Park

Drive in without barriers

At the entrance, the license plate is scanned and the start time of the parking process is recorded. This eliminates the need for barriers, thus avoiding tailbacks and increasing customer satisfaction.


Simply park

Storing paper tickets or environmentally harmful magnetic stripe cards is a thing of the past. Staff are no longer needed to check or repair the barriers.


Pay & exit

The parking process can be paid for conveniently at the pay station or via smartphone. At the exit, the parking process is compared with the payment. The area can be left carefree.

Proven number plate recognition in parking space management
In practice

Proven number plate recognition in parking space management

Whether for management or control: digital license plate recognition is the new standard in parking management, replacing the old barrier technology or personnel patrols.

The new technology is able to record all parking processes, can automatically track parking violations and can be connected to other systems, e.g. parking guidance systems, if required. With license plate recognition, all parking processes can be digitally mapped. At Peter Park , we visualize information on occupancy and turnover for you in the Peter Park dashboard.

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