Reliable number plate recognition for your parking space

Manage and control your areas entirely without barriers or control personnel. High-precision registration of all vehicles as the basis for barrier-free entry and exit, with proven number plate scanner technology. Around the clock, 365 days a year.

AI number plate recognition
Your advantages

Save costs and keep track of your parking spaces.

  • Cost savings: Do away with cost-intensive barrier technology. Number plate recognition only requires camera scanners, which are more cost-efficient both in terms of purchase and maintenance.
  • Maximum customer convenience: no ticket has to be bought and no parking disc has to be provided when entering and leaving the car park. Our telephone service is always available to answer any questions.
  • Recording of all parking processes: The recording of all EU number plates is made possible by reliable number plate recognition - around the clock, 365 days a year.
  • Data protection: All data is processed according to the highest data protection standards in the Peter Park cloud and DSGVO-compliant in Germany.
the new standard in parking technology

Barrier-free parking for parkers

Number plate recognition Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner

1. barrier-free entry

Upon entry, the licence plate number is scanned and it is determined when the parking process begins.
Barriers become superfluous, thus avoiding backlogs and increasing customer satisfaction.

2. parking

Carefree parking - parking discs or keeping a parking ticket are history. Number plate recognition determines the parking time. Parking attendants are no longer necessary.

 Cashless payment and linking with Parking Apps App Payment

3. payment of the parking process

Full flexibility: Payment is made by entering the licence plate number at the machine or via one of the leading parking apps. Only the time actually parked has to be paid, for maximum customer satisfaction.

Number plate recognition Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner

4. barrier-free exit

Upon exit, the license plate number is read and it is determined when the parking process has ended. The Peter Park system automatically reconciles the parking process and payment.
The area can be easily exited.

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Achieve maximum utilisation and highest turnover - based on precise analyses

Every parking space is individual. The Peter Park system offers granular analysis options that enable you to make data-based decisions. Whether it's turnover, occupancy, peak hours, or percentage of e-vehicles in the space, you'll always have a full view of what's happening in your parking space. Granular filters enable a new level of detail. Use the newly gained insights and manage your processes proactively.

Parking space management with number plate recognition Barrier-free
Car park Barrier-free
In practice

Proven number plate recognition in parking space management

Whether for management or control: Digital license plate recognition is the new standard in parking management, replacing the old barrier technology or personnel patrols. The new technology thus manages to record all parking processes, can automatically track parking violations and, if required, can be linked to other systems, e.g. parking guidance systems.
With license plate recognition, all parking processes can be mapped digitally. At Peter Park , we visualize information on utilization and turnover for you in the Peter Park dashboard.

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