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Peter Park is the flexible solution for digital parking management without barriers and helps you to exploit the full potential of your parking space.

Welcome to the future of parking.

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The digital parking system for maximum efficiency with minimum effort

Thanks to barrier-free technology, a holistic concept and automated processes, we optimize your parking management.

Without Peter Park

Inefficient use of parking space
High administrative costs
Expensive hardware
Lack of customer convenience
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With Peter Park

Barrier-free parking
Central, simple administration
Optimal use of parking space
Minimum equipment and costs
User-friendly parking experience
Full-service partner at your side
Reliable license plate recognition
Very well rated customer service
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The right solution for your requirements

Our digital parking solution adapts to the conditions of different fields of application - find out how you can benefit from it.

The Peter Park process

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Needs analysis, non-binding presentation of product, functionality and integration options.


Project planning
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You will receive an individual project planning and a non-binding offer.


Installation &

Installation and connection in just one day.



Your parking space is digitized. After onboarding, we remain at your side as a service partner.


What our customers say

Find out more about our parking solutions based on the experience of our customers.

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We are often asked these questions

What is the cost of installation and service of Peter Park?

We would be happy to advise you and work with you to create a tailor-made solution package based on your specific requirements. Please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

Who owns the hardware?

There are flexible commercial models for this. The technology can be provided on loan for the duration of the contract or you can purchase the hardware yourself.

For whom is Peter Park suitable?

The solution is suitable for public and private clients who want to develop their parking space digitally.

Are foreign licence plates also recognised?

Yes. Number plates from all European countries can be recorded.

Do drivers have to slow down when entering?

No. Drivers only have to comply with the speed limits of the applicable road traffic regulations.

How does number plate recognition work?

The license plate of a vehicle is automatically recognized when entering and exiting. There is no permanent video recording. Only when a license plate number is recognized is a one-off recording of the license plate area made in compliance with data protection regulations.

How does the system behave in rain or snow?

The license plate scanner is equipped with a weather protection and heating element and is designed for all weather conditions.

Does the number plate recognition also work in the dark?

Yes, license plate recognition works in the dark with the help of additional infrared lighting.

Where can Peter Park be used?

The solution is suitable for all clearly defined parking areas away from public roads. The technology can be used both indoors and outdoors. For example, outdoor parking spaces, parking garages or underground garages.

Who is responsible for data protection?

Peter Park is responsible for the data protection-compliant operation of the parking system.

Does the registration of licence plates have to be reported to the respective data protection authority?

No, you do not have to report the number plate recognition to the data protection authority.

Is number plate recognition allowed in Germany?

Yes, in compliance with the applicable GDPR.

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