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Horb am Neckar: How digitisation succeeds in the P+R car park

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The city of Horb am Neckar has digitized its P+R parking garage at the train station with Peter Park . More than 30,000 motorists a year now park with the technology from Peter Park. License plate scanners are used at entrances and exits. A data protection compliant registration of car license plates controls all parking processes. In the background, software is running that is linked to the payment of parking transactions.

Ticketless payment: at the ticket machine or via app

Peter Park has also installed a new parking machine: Here, users only enter their license plate number. The usual ticket is no longer required. Payment is now also possible by EC card. It's even easier via our partner Parkster. The parking app is integrated at Peter Park . Parking transactions can be paid conveniently via the app. A clear advantage also for the many commuters: They buy their six-month ticket digitally and then no longer have to worry about parking.

Without barrier and control - black parkers still have no chance

With Peter Park , barriers and manual control of parking violations are no longer necessary. Violations of the charging ordinance are automatically detected by the system. Entry without a barrier is also very fast and requires no stopping. This ensures acceptance, especially among commuters who want to catch their train quickly in the morning. 

Digital parking garage for municipalities and operators

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