Health facilities

Satisfied employees and patients with minimal cost and administrative burden.

Individual parking concept for your patients, visitors and staff. Flexible mixed use and optimal hygiene concept through 100% contactless parking.
Health facilities
Your advantages

Customer safety

Barrier-free and 100% contactless parking process, for maximum customer convenience and compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations.

Individual activation

Individual discounts and activations for employees and patients.

Maximum utilisation

Maximise occupancy and revenue through public short-stay parking via app and machine.

Number plate recognition
Barrier-free free-flow access, thanks to high-precision number plate recognition
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Flexible payment, via app or at the vending machine
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All information in one place, at any time and from anywhere
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Digital parking permits
Real-time control of short-term and long-term parking authorisations
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Number plate recognition Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner
 Cashless payment and linking with Parking Apps App Payment
Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner

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    All information on our data protection compliant number plate recognition
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    Overview of the flexible payment options for your customers
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    Possibilities of extensions and integrations