AI number plate recognition - more time and turnover

AI number plate recognition gives customers more time and you more turnover. Automatic number plate recognition forms the basis for managing your car park or parking area digitally with less effort and making the best possible use of the available resources through the fully automated parking system.

AI number plate recognition

Mobility needs space, not a waste of space

We think so: Parking space in German cities needs to be rethought. A lack of space is part of the problem, but only creating new parking areas works in the short term. After all, a city also needs green spaces and must take other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists into account as well.

Peter Park is not just about space in cities, but about its efficient use. Why, for example, should the parking lot of a supermarket be closed off overnight when it could be available to residents in the surrounding area? And how much could the operator of a doctor's office earn by using parking spaces outside opening hours? Vacant parking spaces are wasted resources.

Peter Park for more mobility

Flexibility creates space. As a company, we make our contribution to improved parking space management. For example, instead of the classic variant of barrier, 24-hour emergency service and coin-operated machine, we set up:

  • Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner
  • Cashless payment and linking with parking apps
  • Align KI indicator DSGVO
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Peter Park for your parking spaces

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking space management.

Flexibility through number plate recognition

We think the outdated parking garage has had its day. After all, 24-hour emergency services are inefficient: on the one hand, they are cost-intensive, and on the other, they are too rarely needed to be worthwhile as an investment. Peter Park with automated license plate recognition is cheaper in the long term and solves technical problems remotely. What's more, our system can not only recognize license plates, but also track them in the event of a dispute. Annoying maintenance work, hassle with parking tickets or barrier failure? That's a thing of the past.

Parking can also be simple

Parking the car for a moment to drop by the bank or the supermarket. Sometimes it's easier said than done: the barrier in the car park doesn't work, the entrance is too narrow - so the typical short-term parker puts the car in reverse and drives away. Once a customer has turned away in annoyance, he won't be coming back any time soon.

A flexible parking system circumvents these hurdles: Since automatic number plate recognition replaces the barrier system, short-term parkers in particular can quickly park their vehicle and drive away again. They also benefit from the time-saving payment system. No annoying search for the necessary small change, but convenient payment with the parking app.

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Peter Park for your parking spaces

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking space management.

Recognise number plates - professionally and fairly

Automatic number plate recognition is the key to our efficient parking system.

  • Recognise vehicle registration plates with evidence image and time stamp
  • Automatic integration of data from a licence plate camera via 4G network
  • Flexible zoom of the scanner during automated licence plate inspection
  • Data protection through privacy filters and subsequent deletion of data

AI indicators: Structured and informative

With license plate KI, you as the operator can not only do without a 24-hour emergency service and extensive maintenance work. In addition, control of the parking area is yours: Automatic license plate recognition enables accurate data analysis on the Peter Park dashboard. This gives you an insight into who is using your space and when. You can also view vending machine turnover or the number of short-term and long-term parkers in the statistics.

Individual use

You can also take individual requirements into account: With the help of automatic license plate recognition, for example, you can permanently unlock your employees' vehicles in the company parking lot. With the Peter Park dashboard, you can also set maximum parking duration, grace period, free parking duration and hourly prices as you see fit.

Data protection guaranteed

We take data protection seriously. Peter Park's number plate camera only records the number plate of a vehicle and, thanks to the privacy filter, does not record any video. In addition, a customer's data is immediately deleted from the cloud after the parking space is used, in accordance with the applicable DSGVO.

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Peter Park for your parking spaces

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking space management.

Parking kiosk

Optionally, you can install the Peter Park parking kiosk in your parking lot: This allows your customers to pay in cash or by EC card instead of using the app. To do this, they only need to enter the license plate number on the integrated touchscreen. The available menu languages are German and English. A pre-installed explanatory video leaves customers with no more questions about the parking and payment process. From now on, parking discs stay in the glove compartment.

Payment via app

Digitized parking and automatic license plate recognition have long since made coin payments superfluous. Although the Peter Park parking kiosk accepts cash payments as well as EC cards, it is even easier and faster to pay via app. Our software cooperates with the most popular parking apps such as Parkster, ParkNow, PayByPhone and Easy Park.

All these apps are designed for start and stop and the corresponding amount is debited directly through the stored payment information. The mobile parking apps then not only register your parking space on the associated map, but also provide customers with the necessary information such as prices, occupancy and opening hours.

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