Barrier-free parking at the Scheibbs regional hospital

Scheibbs, AT
Health facilities
April 2023

- Parking space management

- 2 cameras, 2 vending machines

- Parkster

Barrier-free parking at the Scheibbs regional hospital
The challenge

Ageing barrier system

Since 2009, a barrier system has controlled every entrance and exit to the parking area at the Scheibbs Regional Hospital. Maintenance and repairs to the barrier system caused high costs, and further costs were incurred in the event of breakdowns due to the loss of parking fees, as parkers were able to enter and leave the parking area uncontrolled. Vehicles stopping in front of the barriers led to traffic jams and increased CO2 emissions, as well as obstructing the flow of traffic.


Seamless parking instead of tailbacks

The barrier-free Peter Park system requires no stopping on entry and exit and improves the flow of traffic in and around the parking lot. The license plates of parkers are scanned and the parking time is automatically determined. The Landesklinikum can use the solution to offer employees, patients and visitors different parking conditions; payment is made by entering the license plate number at user-friendly machines with intuitive menu navigation or via the Parkster app.

The results

Economical and sustainable

0,8 %
App payment*
25,7 %
Share of cashless payments
59 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

The new digital system solution significantly reduces costs by eliminating the barrier system and saves on waste and costs by dispensing with tickets. For events such as in-house training courses, those responsible generate a QR code online with just a few clicks and distribute it to the participants. They can then use a linked form to activate a free parking period specified by the hospital for their license plate number.

"Switching to the electronic system is modern, environmentally friendly and avoids cost-intensive and time-consuming service and maintenance work on the barrier system."

Klaudia Watzinger
Commercial Director of the Landesklinikum Scheibbs

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