Barrier-free parking at Porz am Rhein hospital

Cologne, DE
Health facilities
October 2023

- Parking space management

- 9 cameras, 3 vending machines

- EasyPark

Barrier-free parking at Porz am Rhein hospital
The challenge

High parking frequency of different user groups

As part of a new mobility concept, the Porz am Rhein hospital in Cologne was looking for a solution for the management of its 5 parking spaces in order to be able to offer different conditions to different user groups in an uncomplicated manner. The area in front of the hospital was known for illegal parking and the restricted entrances and exits often led to traffic jams and long waiting times at peak times. Visitors often parked in the spaces intended for employees.


Without barriers, transparent control

In 2021, the hospital introduced the Peter Park system, which eliminates the need for barriers and staff to monitor parking violations. The digital system solution does away with components that are prone to wear and tear, allowing the hospital to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Based on data protection-compliant license plate recognition, the system handles parking processes efficiently and without backlogs at entrances and exits. Employees, patients and visitors park at different conditions, which the hospital simply stores in the system.

The results

Data protection-compliant and user-friendly

55,7 %
App payment*
67 %
Share of cashless payments
228 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

With the new system, employees, patients and visitors benefit from a quick and convenient parking process. Payment is simple and flexible: employees pay by entering their license plate number via the EasyPark app, while other payment options are available to parkers at intuitive pay stations. It is important for the hospital that data protection requirements are fully complied with in the parking area.

"As a modern, future-oriented healthcare provider, we are committed not only to cutting-edge medicine [...] but also to sustainable mobility."

Arist Hartjes
Managing Director Porz am Rhein Hospital

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