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Supermarket: Parking outside opening hours

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Am I allowed to park in the supermarket car park after closing time? Is it legal to park in the supermarket car park on Sunday? Residents and visitors ask themselves these questions. Owners often prohibit this possibility because they want to prevent long-term parkers from blocking the space for customers.

Parking at the supermarket at night

With digital parking management from Peter Park , retailers can keep control of their parking space and drivers can park at the supermarket outside opening hours. The technology is simple: Vehicle license plates are recorded via a license plate scanner upon entry and exit in compliance with data protection regulations. The parking area can be managed in a connected software.

Additional income without effort: App parking at the supermarket

Often, motorists cannot find other parking options and are willing to pay for a parking space at night. Using an app from our partner Parkster, motorists can buy their parking permit for the nightor on Sundays. Drivers enter their licence plate number in the app. The parking permit is matched via the number plate recognition system. This can help retailers find parking spaces and generate additional revenue.

Modern number plate scanners replace barriers and parking discs

Number plate recognition checks that only authorised vehicles are parked in the parking space and ensures that the permitted parking period is not exceeded. Of course, this function can also be used during the day to ensure compliance with the maximum parking time without parking discs.

Digital resident parking via app and parking space management

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