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How digital parking management contributes to a sustainable traffic turnaround

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How can digital parking space management contribute to a sustainable traffic turnaround? Peter Park enables the digitization of parking spaces through license plate recognition and parking space management software that complies with data protection regulations. How does the solution work? The vehicle license plate is recorded when entering the parking area. The motorist pays for his parking via an app or at the ticket machine by entering his license plate number. When leaving, the validity of the parking authorization is checked and parking spaces can be easily managed in a web dashboard. The digitization of all parking processes in parking garages and parking lots opens up new potential for a sustainable mobility infrastructure.

Limit land sealing: More efficient use of parking spaces

In municipalities, off-street parking spaces are becoming increasingly important. In turn, off-street parking spaces (on-street) are increasingly being converted into space for cyclists and pedestrians as well as green living areas. Digital parking management supports precisely this positive trend by enabling more efficient use of existing off-street parking spaces through dynamic utilisation control. In this way, the emerging need for additional off-street parking capacity can be met by optimising the existing infrastructure instead of having to build new car parks for the loss of off-street parking spaces.

‍Residentspark at night at the supermarket

One concrete example, which has already been implemented in numerous customer projects, is residents' parking at the supermarket. Thousands of retail parking spaces are empty and blocked after closing time, while residents without a fixed parking space are looking for a parking space for the night. With the digital parking system from Peter Park , supermarket parking spaces can be opened for residents without the use of barriers, vending machines or manual inspection. Residents purchase their digital parking permit via an app. License plate recognition checks whether the specified period for resident parking has been observed. This significantly reduces the need for additional parking space and also evening parking search traffic, and makes efficient use of existing parking space.

‍Parkingwithout barriers: ticketless and digital

In parking garages today, we are still used to barriers and paper tickets. With license plate recognition from Peter Park , barriers are no longer necessary, as the parking process can be recorded and controlled without the classic paper tickets. In addition to parking machines, parking apps can also be integrated via Peter Park . Thus, drivers can pay and adjust their parking process digitally. In addition to paper tickets, this also eliminates the need for printed payment receipts. Barrier-free parking also has the advantage that fast entry and exit prevents backups.

Digital parking space management with Peter Park

We rely on license plate recognition at entrances and exits and intelligent parking management software to fully exploit the resulting opportunities for optimized, dynamic parking space utilization. Partnerships with parking apps such as Parkster, also allow customer-friendly and sustainable payment options. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on digital parking management with Peter Park .

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