Free parking spaces for OBI customers in Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, DE
Wholesale & retail
August 2023

- Parking space monitoring

- 4 cameras

Free parking spaces for OBI customers in Bremerhaven
The challenge

Limited parking space for DIY store customers

The biggest challenge for the OBI store in Bremerhaven was to provide its customers with sufficient parking spaces. Visitors from nearby events often occupied the parking spaces, which affected the store's visitor numbers and led to resentment. The use of parking disks did not fulfill its purpose of keeping out third-party parkers.


Automatically determine and enforce maximum parking time

Digital parking space monitoring makes it easy to determine the parking time. To do this, the system scans the license plates at the entrance and exit in compliance with data protection regulations. If parkers who are not customers of the OBI store exceed the maximum parking time of two hours, they receive a request to pay an increased usage fee.

The results

Free parking spaces for customers

Better control
More available parking spaces
Higher customer satisfaction
* Extrapolation to one year

The digital parking management system makes it possible to control the maximum parking time without the need for staff patrols. For third-party parkers who want to park for longer than two hours, the area is no longer attractive thanks to reliable tracking. As a result, more parking spaces are now available for OBI store customers, ensuring a relaxed shopping and parking experience. If a visit to the DIY store takes longer than two hours, customers can have the maximum free parking time in the store extended.

"The satisfaction of our customers always comes first at OBI, and this promise applies not only in the store, but also when looking for a parking space. By installing the barrier-free parking space management system, we expect a more organized process and at the same time relaxed shopping for our customers."

Ludwig Hertlein
Store manager of OBI Bremerhaven

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