Digital parking system for Edeka store in Leipzig

Leipzig, DE
Wholesale & retail
July 2021

- Parking space monitoring

- 1 Camera

Digital parking system for Edeka store in Leipzig
The challenge

External use of the parking area

The parking lot of the Edeka supermarket in Messe-Allee in Leipzig was frequently used by third-party and night-time parkers. As a result, customers were often unable to find a free parking space and opted for another shopping location instead, which led to a loss of sales. When searching for a parking management system, the focus was on ensuring that the solution did not create any additional work for the supermarket staff.


Control of parking time

The barrier-free parking system from Peter Park enables efficient management and control of parking spaces without additional effort. When entering and exiting the Edeka parking lot, the customer's license plate number is scanned in compliance with data protection regulations and deleted from the system when the maximum free parking time is reached. If the maximum parking time is exceeded, an increased usage fee is charged.

The results

Advantages for customers

Better control
More available parking spaces
875 t
CO2 savings*
392 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

The newly installed system now enables the efficient prevention and rapid identification of parking offenders, so that parking spaces remain free for customers at all times. The free parking spaces support customer satisfaction and therefore shopping frequency, which has a positive effect on sales. Due to its successful use, the digital parking system has now also been installed in other Edeka stores in Leipzig and Taucha.

"At Peter Park , I was impressed by the comprehensive support and the wide range of services. The number of parking offenders has been reduced considerably and our customers can find a free parking space easily and without any extra effort."

Thomas Potrzebski
Owner fresh market Potrzebski

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