Digital parking permits for employees and customers

Design the allocation of short-term and long-term parking permits digitally. Permits are issued at the click of a mouse - without any paper, chips or cards.

Barrier-free multi-storey car park Short-term parkers Long-term parkers

Manage short-term and long-term parkers in the
Peter Park dashboard

Short-term and long-term parkers can be entered flexibly in the Peter Park dashboard. Vehicles with a stored digital authorization can use this immediately after entry. This way, you always have a full overview of all current digital authorizations and the associated responsibilities.

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Account assignment

Allocate clearing masks and settle individually

You can create individual digital activation masks for your customers with personal user names and access passwords (e.g. practice or office). Short-term and long-term parking authorisations can be stored there on the basis of a quota you have defined. Thanks to full data transparency, you can invoice each activation mask individually, for example at the end of each month.

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Parking app

Offer long-term parking tickets via the parking app of your choice

By offering long-term parking tickets via parking apps, you digitise the entire sales process. A written application and subsequent purchase processing by means of a remittance slip is replaced by an app purchase in a matter of seconds. This saves you valuable resources and gives your customers maximum flexibility and convenience.

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