Public utilities

Digital parking management for more efficiency, sustainability and quality of life.

Reliable, digital, connected - mobility in 2023. Use the full potential of your parking spaces and link them to urban mobility - through intelligent digitization.
Public utilities
Your advantages

Your partner in the mobility revolution - smart mobility, vibrant city centres

Real-time data

Reduction of inner-city parking search traffic and CO2 emissions, through intelligent linking of the real-time utilisation of all parking spaces with the city's dynamic parking guidance system.

Good customer experience

Offer your citizens the best shopping and customer experience using app parking known from on-street, curbside and parking garage

Maximum utilisation

Maximise the utilisation of your off-street parking spaces and reduce the number of on-street parking spaces - for a more liveable city centre

Number plate recognition
Barrier-free free-flow access, thanks to high-precision number plate recognition
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Flexible payment, via app or at the vending machine
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All information in one place, at any time and from anywhere
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Digital parking permits
Real-time control of short-term and long-term parking authorisations
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Number plate recognition Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner
 Cashless payment and linking with Parking Apps App Payment
Barrier-free parking with number plate scanner

Thanks to digital parking, we are a big step closer to digitizing our administration. The barrier-free parking solution not only offers our citizens a new, improved parking experience, but additionally focuses on efficiency and quality of life.

Christian Hümmer
Mayor Traunstein
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    All information on our data protection compliant number plate recognition
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    Overview of the flexible payment options for your customers
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