Modern parking in the town of Wertheim

Wertheim, DE
Cities & municipalities
August 2023

- Parking space management

- 5 scanners & 3 vending machines

- PayByPhone

Innovative parking in Wertheim: barrier-free system
The challenge

Cost and maintenance-intensive barrier system

The operation of the approximately 20-year-old barrier system at the Main parking lot and in the underground car park in Wertheim was very costly and maintenance-intensive. The barrier solution made it very difficult to allow visitors unhindered access to the parking lot, especially during events. Renovation measures or a new construction would have been necessary for the old barrier system in the coming years.


Barrier-free parking system

With the system now installed, which Peter Park has tailored to the needs of Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wertheim, the vehicle's license plate number is read by a scanner when entering and leaving the car park, making barrier systems unnecessary and visitors only pay for the actual parking time. Payment is made using the "Easy Park" smartphone app, or alternatively at the parking machine - in each case by entering the vehicle's license plate number.

The results

Advantages for parkers

0,3 %
App payment*
29,6 %
Share of cashless payments
231 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

For tenants of long-term parking spaces in Wertheim, the license plates have been stored in the parking system so that they can continue to drive in and out easily. Another advantage of the new system is that it can be temporarily switched off during events in the city, thus guaranteeing free access at all times.

"We receive a solution from Peter Park that is tailored to our needs. This means that the entire digital parking management system, including software, license plate scanners and pay stations, comes from a single source. We chose the market leader in digital parking management because of this customized system, the comprehensive advice and the fast and uncomplicated implementation."

Thomas Müller
Managing Director of Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wertheim

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