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Peter Park Enables contactless and secure parking in times of Corona

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To protect ourselves and our surroundings during the pandemic, caution is currently the highest priority. We try to avoid touching doorknobs, railings and buttons in public spaces, as these are potential sources of viruses. Even if thorough hand washing and disinfection has become part of our daily routine, the fewer surfaces we have to touch, the lower the risk of infection.

Comprehensive hygiene concepts are being introduced at workplaces and in public spaces to minimize the risk of infection.
The traditional parking process of buying a parking ticket at a barrier and then paying at a parking machine is once again being called into question in times of corona. After the number of infections rose rapidly in Germany, many cities decided to temporarily deactivate on-street parking machines, for example, and offer free parking. This was intended to reduce the risk of infection caused by using the machines. Authorities also recommend reducing the time spent in parking lots in order to limit the number of possible contacts.

In parking garages or large parking lots, a barrier system or personnel patrols usually ensure payment of parking fees. Peter Park enables barrier-free parking without the need for personnel. With our intelligent parking system, parking authorizations are checked via data protection-compliant license plate recognition. The changeover to such a system is possible within one day. Neither expensive hardware nor special software knowledge is required. In addition, a parking app familiar from the on-street sector can be quickly and easily integrated into the complete solution from Peter Park . There is no need for RFID cards or other identification options. Manual monitoring of cars by staff is also no longer necessary. Parking offenders can still be identified automatically 24/7 with the technology from Peter Park . The barrier-free entry and exit enables a continuous flow of traffic and thus contributes to an equalization of the traffic flow.
The contactless parking process ensures a safe customer experience without sacrificing revenue. 

In a meeting with Peter Park, which can be arranged flexibly, our Peter Park employees will give you an insight into the digital system solution. Contact us for more information, we are happy to assist you as your partner in digital parking management.

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