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Parking space management without barrier - access management for parking spaces

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How can supermarket parking spaces be used outside opening hours? Handelsjournal shows how a parking manager uses digital parking management with license plate recognition from Peter Park to intelligently manage retail parking spaces. By using the digital parking system, drivers can park in supermarket parking lots at night for a small fee. Our customer relies on revenue sharing with the retailers for this. 

With Peter Park , expensive infrastructure such as barriers, vending machines or control personnel can be dispensed with. License plate recognition at entrances and exits automatically verifies parking authorization outside opening hours and compliance with the maximum parking time during the day. Drivers buy their digital parking ticket in the Parkster parking app. In addition, more and more retailers are offering e-charging stations in their parking lots, according to the article. Digital parking management allows retailers an uncomplicated way to control access to the e-charging stations outside of opening hours and thus increase the utilization of the charging stations.


Digital parking management with Peter Park

We rely on data protection-compliant license plate recognition at entrances and exits and intelligent parking management software. Partnerships with parking apps such as Parkster also allow customer-friendly payment options. This means that retail parking spaces can also be managed outside opening hours. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on digital parking management with Peter Park .

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