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Parking barrier defective: What you can do

A broken entry barrier is annoying for visitors and car park operators alike. Unfortunately, this condition is not uncommon: smooth entry and exit to car parks is regularly impeded by defective barriers. We show you how best to deal with this problem and how to avoid it in the future.

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A broken entry barrier is annoying for visitors and parking lot operators alike. Unfortunately, this condition is not uncommon: smooth entry and exit to parking lots is regularly impeded by defective barriers. We will show you how best to deal with this problem and how to avoid it in the future.
Find information for parking operators and for parkers in this article!

Defective parking barrier: Information for parking operators

Broken barrier on my park area

If your parking barrier is defective, you must of course take care of it as quickly as possible. After all, you will lose revenue in the meantime, as you will not be able to check incoming and outgoing vehicles and their length of stay. You may even have to temporarily close your parking lot completely because it is no longer passable due to a defective parking barrier or because there are safety risks.

Repair or replace parking barrier?

If the reason for the barrier's defect is not obvious, you should first investigate the cause or arrange for appropriate specialists to determine the problem with your barrier system. Based on this, you can decide whether a repair or a completely new barrier is the better solution. Unfortunately, both options are usually associated with high costs. In addition, you have to reckon with surcharges if the defect should occur late in the evening or at night, since a 24/7 service is usually required for this. The prices for modern barriers, special spare parts and installation services should also not be underestimated. Depending on the damage and the model of your barrier, there may also be a long waiting time for the delivery of spare parts.

Parking without barrier

A defective parking barrier always entails a lot of effort and a financial burden for parking operators. But these circumstances can easily become a thing of the past. You ask yourself how? Nowadays, there are intelligent systems with automatic number plate recognition that make the use of a parking barrier a thing of the past. Your customers can simply drive into the car park. Their number plate is automatically recorded on entry and exit and matched with the payment process. In this way, the parking process is regulated without any barrier at all. Susceptibility to faults is almost completely eliminated here, as the system runs entirely in the cloud. 

Leave the costs and hassle surrounding defective parking barriers behind you. We would be happy to show you how you and your customers can benefit from our digital parking management solution. Simply contact us for more information and a no-obligation consultation.

Parking barrier broken: Information for parkers 

What do I do if the parking barrier is defective?

You want to drive into a parking space as usual, but suddenly find yourself in front of a locked barrier. You notice that the barrier system is broken and cannot be opened. In this case, unfortunately, you have no choice but to look for an alternative parking space. Especially in urban areas or under time pressure, the search for a parking space can quickly lead to stress. 

If you use the car park frequently, it is certainly in your interest to be able to use the parking area again quickly. If it appears that the operator is not yet aware of the defect, you can inform them by telephone. The contact details are usually posted on the car park or parking garage.

Parking barrier no longer opens

It is just as annoying if you have already parked and realise when exiting that the barrier remains locked and prevents you from finding your way to freedom. Usually you will find a help button at the exit for such situations, which you can press. In this case, you can also try to contact the operator directly.

However, in both cases you don't know how long it will take until you actually get help. You may have to wait hours before you can leave the car park with your car.

Stress free parking

In fact, these unpleasant situations caused by broken barriers can now be circumvented quite easily: Modern parking lots are already equipped with digital systems and thus function completely barrier-free. Instead of pulling out a parking ticket, your license plate number (encrypted in compliance with DSGVO, of course) is stored and you can drive directly into the parking space or parking garage. You decide whether you pay via app or classically at the machine and then simply drive out of the parking area again. Learn more about smart parking solutions as part of a digital future.

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