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Briefly explained: What is behind number plate scanner & ANPR?

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Currently, parking management in Germany is changing. Modern number plate scanners are replacing barriers and parking discs. The technology is simple: car licence plates are recorded via a licence plate scanner when entering and leaving the car park in compliance with data protection regulations. The parking area can be managed in a connected software (e.g. assigning authorisations for long-term parkers).

One technology, many names and abbreviations


Many names and abbreviations are currently circulating for the same technology, especially from English:

ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ALPR: Automatic (or automated) licence-plate recognition
AVI: Automatic vehicle identification
CPR: Car plate recognition
LPR: Licence plate recognition

In Germany, one also often speaks of: Automatic number plate recognition, automatic number plate recognition or also automated number plate control.

What is the difference to parking sensors?

In contrast to parking sensors, which have to be installed and maintained on each individual parking space, it is sufficient to place number plate scanners at entrances and exits. Another advantage is that parking space control by means of number plate recognition does not require control personnel, as violations can be automatically recorded and tracked. With sensors, the use of control personnel and parking tickets is still necessary. If a parking sensor reports a parking offence, a control staff member must quickly catch the parking offender before the car has left the parking space.

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