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Cooperation between EasyPark and Peter Park for barrier-free, digital parking

The collaboration between Peter Park System GmbH and the EasyPark Group enables parkers in Germany to pay for off-street parking with their smartphone and enjoy a fully automated parking experience

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Modern technology makes parking barriers, paper tickets and parking discs superfluous.

Building on projects already successfully implemented in 2020, the cooperation is now being officially rolled out. A new standard in parking will be made possible for both parkers and parking operators.

While the parking experience is much more convenient for parkers, operators can realize increased revenue potential, as the example of Porz Hospital, Cologne, makes clear: 200 transactions were recorded via EasyPark on the very first day. In the first 2 weeks, 65% of all transactions were processed via EasyPark, which accounted for over 60% of sales.

The Peter Park system enables barrier-free entry and exit through automatic license plate recognition and offers as a platform the linking with various mobility services. Through the integration of EasyPark, the registered parking transaction can be paid in the app, cashless and transparent. EasyPark thus integrates another partner into its portfolio for off-street access solutions and provides its users with further options for parking in maximum comfort. The technical integration of the barrier-free access system and the digital payment system also enables additional features, such as Automatic CameraPark, which offers parkers a fully automated parking experience: When entering a barrier-free Automatic CameraPark area, the parking process is automatically started in the EasyPark app without having to open the app. When the car leaves the area again, the parking process is automatically terminated, payment is made in the background and an automatic notification about the parking process is sent to the user.

The combination of the Peter Park system and EasyPark is already being used in various space segments, including hospitals, shopping centers and event centers throughout Germany. Over the next two years, EasyPark and Peter Park plan to collaborate intensively on numerous sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The cooperation is intended to drive the unconditional simplification of the parking and payment process for all end users and to pro-actively moderate and shape the topic with customers.

Nico Schlegel, Managing Director EasyPark Germany:

"Pulling a parking ticket in parking garages today is simply no longer in keeping with the times. Barrier-free access using Peter Park technology in combination with automatic billing via the EasyPark app is a solution that offers drivers many times more user-friendliness. Now that barrier-free parking is already standard in Scandinavian countries, for example, I am very pleased that we are also getting things moving in the German market together with Peter Park ."
"Through the cooperation of Peter Park as access provider and EasyPark as payment provider, even more users can pay via app on areas equipped with the Peter Park system. What is particularly exciting here is that the deep technical integration enables exciting features such as Automatic CameraPark. Together with EasyPark, we can create the best parking experience for parkers," Maximilian Schlereth, CEO Peter Park System GmbH.

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