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AI number plate recognition

Peter Park thinks digital

Over 40,000 parking transactions are handled each day using the technology from Peter Park . Barrier open? No - because parking monitoring works digitally and barrier-free through automatic license plate recognition. The mobile, urban future works without barriers, parking discs, annoying coins and crumpled parking tickets.

Mobility wins

Peter Park as a young technology company, is making its contribution to the traffic turnaround: Digital parking space management saves urban citizens the annoying search for a parking space, relieves residents and offers attractive opportunities to generate profits with partially unused space.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Cost-saving technology

What is the difference between Peter Park and conventional parking lot monitoring? Peter Park takes advantage of digitization, manages spaces fully automatically and saves costs.

Ground sensors: Parking space control with weak points

A classic parking control system works with staff, sometimes supported by parking sensors. These are installed on each individual parking space and must be maintained. This is necessary to check parking times of customers and to identify parking offenders if necessary. However, this also requires the deployment of staff and extensive maintenance work, especially in winter.

The Better Parking Sensor: License Plate AI

Parking management with number plate recognition, on the other hand, does not require any control personnel - because in case of overdraft, damage or non-payment, the driver can be tracked via the number plate. In addition, licence plate recognition is cheaper because only two licence plate cameras need to be installed, one at the entrance and one at the exit. The extensive maintenance of parking space monitoring sensors is no longer necessary.

Advantages of Peter Park technology:

  • The number plate scanners do not require any cost-intensive infrastructure and can be easily connected to the 230 V continuous current connection.
  • Data transmission via SIM card and 4G network
  • Peter Park undertakes project planning and installation of technology on site for customers
  • Additional service: Onboarding and support

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Smart parking management: What can the Peter Park dashboard do?

Peter Park relies on your own initiative. We provide the technology for you and support you with any issues. With the Peter Park dashboard, parking management is your sole responsibility as the operator. Use the access to all figures to proceed particularly efficiently.


The Peter Park dashboard is easy to use: With a few clicks, you can activate both short-term and long-term parking, view statistics on turnover, space prices and usage times, or check the functionality of the license plate cameras. Additional services such as automatic tracking make parking monitoring easier for you.


You want your employees or the employees of your customers (e.g. supermarket) to be able to park for free? No problem with the Peter Park dashboard: Thanks to license plate recognition, you can allow long-term parkers this privilege. Short-term parkers can be unlocked just as easily by entering their license plate number. Pricing is just as versatile: You can flexibly define weekend or night rates as you wish.

Secure parking space monitoring

A customer has not paid or caused damage? As an additional service, we offer automatic tracking by reference number for conflict cases via partners. In the event of problems with customers, all you need to do is click on the dashboard and the process is fully automated. The missing amount is finally settled automatically by your deposited bank account.

Data protection

Automatic number plate recognition is not only more cost-effective than parking space monitoring sensors. It also complies with data protection regulations: thanks to the privacy filter, the number plate scanner only records the vehicle's number plate and does not record video of the driver. The image of the number plate with time stamp is captured while the parking space is in use. As soon as the parker has paid and left the parking space, the customer data is deleted from the cloud in a DSGVO-compliant manner.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Parking space for residents

Residents' parking is often a difficult issue in cities. On the one hand, parking spaces are scarce, on the other hand they are often blocked by the scarce parking space in city centres. We think so: It could be much easier and we offer solutions.

Structured, fair parking management

Almost every resident has experienced it at some point: on the way home, one is annoyed to find that a parking space is being blocked by someone parking illegally. Especially in the case of mixed use of an underground car park or a car park, such disturbances regularly occur, which entail tedious bureaucracy and manual control.

Efficient planning

Peter Park provides a remedy: In addition to reliable 24/7 parking space monitoring, a real estate company as the operator of the parking space can permanently unblock residents via the software, while external parkers have to pay regularly via app or vending machine. Since parking offenders can be tracked via the license plate number, blocking a resident's parking space no longer remains without consequences.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Shop closing time - And now?

Why do so many supermarket owners block off the car park after closing time? Behind this is the fear that residents and long-term parkers will block customer parking spaces. This does not have to be the case: Neither illegal parking nor an empty car park is desirable.

Overnight revenue

With the Peter Park system, retailers can relieve the surrounding area with new parking space outside business hours and also conveniently generate revenue. Long-term parkers can purchase a parking permit for the night or Sunday via parking apps (or vending machines) - the best solution for everyone.

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