Barrier-free parking system at Hellabrunn Zoo

Munich, DE
Leisure facilities & event center
March 2023

- Parking space management

- 4 vending machines and 8 scanners

Barrier-free parking system at Hellabrunn Zoo
The challenge

High traffic volume and long waiting times

For many drivers and visitors to Hellabrunn Zoo, the search for a parking space and complicated parking systems are a necessary evil. Due to the high volume of traffic around the zoo, there are large tailbacks at the entrances and exits in front of the barriers, especially at weekends and on public holidays.


Customer-friendly parking system

The digital parking management system from Peter Park is particularly well suited to heavily frequented areas, as it offers guests a seamless and convenient parking experience. The vehicle's license plate number is read by a scanner when entering and exiting the car park, making barrier systems unnecessary. Payment is made using the Easy Park smartphone app, or alternatively at the parking machine - in each case by entering the vehicle's license plate number.

The results

Easier parking process for visitors

5,6 %
App payment*
68,1 %
Share of cashless payments
336 t
CO2 savings*
151 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

With the new parking system, Hellabrunn Zoo is making parking easier for its visitors, especially on busy weekends and during vacation periods, to ensure a smooth and customer-friendly process. This reduces congestion at the entrances and exits and significantly shortens waiting times for visitors.

Our guests arriving by car benefit significantly from the new system thanks to the elimination of parking tokens, the various payment options and the reduced backlog at the entrance and exit. With the company Peter Park , we have an experienced partner at our side that offers convenient added value thanks to its expertise in the field of digital license plate recognition and the automation of processes.

Rasem Baban
Board of Directors & Zoo Director

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