Digital parking system at Eriskirch lido

Eriskirch, DE
Bathing lakes
May 2022

- Parking space management

-1 camera & 1 machine

- Parkster

Optimized guest experience for visitors to the Eriskirch lido
The challenge

External use of the parking area

The parking lot at the lido in the municipality of Eriskirch could be used free of charge before the parking area was managed. As a result, the area was repeatedly occupied by long-term and night-time parkers and the actual guests of the area often had difficulties finding a parking space. For traffic regulation and economic reasons, this was no longer acceptable for the municipality.


Barrier-free parking for guests

In Eriskirch, the decision was made in favor of digital parking space management from Peter Park and thus against a barrier solution and classic parking ticket machines, for which special personnel would have had to be hired for monitoring. The installed system uses a camera to scan the license plates on entry and exit. This means that visitors only pay for the time they actually park and do not have to plan their stay in advance. Payment is made at a machine or by app.

The results

Additional source of income

7,8 %
App payment*
20,9 %
Share of cashless payments
41 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

The digital parking system not only offers visitors a pleasant parking experience, but also provides the municipality of Eriskirch with a new source of income that can be used to secure improvement measures, among other things. The new system enables cashless payment by EC card or app, is paperless and can be quickly put back into operation via remote maintenance in the event of malfunctions in most cases.

"As a much-visited local recreation area, we feel obliged to make our guests' stay as pleasant as possible - this also includes a simple and convenient parking experience. The digital parking system enables an effective and smooth traffic flow and parking process without backups, even at peak times."

Frank Jehle
Head of the local building authority of the municipality of Eriskirch

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