Digital, barrier-free parking at the Stadthalle & Eisarena Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven, DE
Leisure facilities & event center
March 2023

- Parking space management

- 7 cameras, 2 vending machines

- EasyPark App

Digital parking at the Stadthalle & Eisarena Bremerhaven
The challenge

Large crowds before and after events and games

A high volume of traffic before and after events in the Stadthalle and Fischtown Pinguins games in the associated ice arena repeatedly caused tense situations in the parking areas of Bremerhaven Stadthallen GmbH. Another challenge was posed by parking offenders occupying free spaces intended for visitors to the events.


Relaxation of challenging situations

The digital parking solution from Peter Park replaces the parking ticket machines in the three parking areas of the Stadthalle and Eisarena. The camera-based system automatically calculates the parking time and eliminates the need to take a ticket. Bremerhaven Stadthallen-GmbH uses the automated tracking of parking offenders by the system to facilitate control of the parking area.

The results

Increased customer satisfaction and optimized processes

29 %
App payment
52 %
Share of cashless payments
115 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

Managing and controlling the parking areas of the Stadthalle and Eisarena with the digital parking solution from Peter Park ensures an improved parking experience, especially at peak times. Payment methods such as the EasyPark app reduce queues in front of automatic pay stations that offer cash, card or smartphone payment options. The operator benefits from optimized processes thanks to the automated tracking of parking offenders.

"The digitalization of parking processes, barrier-free entry and exit, but above all the uncomplicated payment processes not only simplify parking for our guests, but also help to significantly ease the parking situation in the vicinity of the two event venues on peak days."

Othmar Gimpel
Managing Director of Stadthalle Bremerhaven Veranstaltungs- und Messegesellschaft GmbH

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