Barrier-free parking in the town of Miltenberg

Miltenberg, DE
Cities & municipalities
June 2021

- Parking space management

- 8 cameras & 12 vending machines

- Parkster

Barrier-free parking in the town of Miltenberg
The challenge

Hardly any replacement for wearing parts

The barrier systems in the four parking lots of Energieversorgung Miltenberg-Bürgstadt GmbH & Co. KG (EMB) were causing traffic jams at the entrances and exits. In addition, they were very susceptible to repairs and spare parts for the outdated systems were difficult to obtain. The system also required a parking ticket for each parking process, which was costly and resource-intensive, so the environmental aspect also played a role in the decision on the future parking system.


Barrier-free parking

EMB decided to equip the four parking areas in Miltenberg with the parking system from Peter Park in summer 2021. Scanners record the license plates at entrances and exits in compliance with data protection regulations, and the system solution is integrated into the municipal parking guidance system. The digital solution requires hardly any hardware, which meant that installation on site could be carried out very quickly.

The results

Digital and direct parking in Miltenberg

35,9 %
App payment*
5,1 %
Share of cashless payments
379 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

The Peter Park system solution eliminates the need for barriers, paper tickets and staff to check parking spaces - the system automatically detects violations of the parking fee regulations. Entry without a barrier is seamless and requires no stopping. Traffic jams at typical peak times when entering and exiting are a thing of the past. Thanks to integration with the parking guidance system, visitors can find free parking spaces more quickly. Thanks to the barrier-free system, maintenance, servicing and repair costs are reduced to a minimum for the city.

"Up to 480,000 parking transactions per year at the parking spaces we manage means up to 480,000 parking tickets with magnetic strips, which no longer need to be disposed of with the new system."

Christoph Keller
EMB Managing Director

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