Barrier-free parking at the Hörnerbahn in Bolsterlang

Bolsterlang, DE
Mountain railroads
May 2022

- Parking space management

- 6 scanners & 4 vending machines

Barrier-free parking at the Hörnerbahn in Bolsterlang
The challenge

Lack of parking spaces for visitors and high maintenance costs

In the past, visitors were allowed to park free of charge in the parking lots at the Hörnerbahn. There were neither barriers nor technical barriers. As a result, the parking spaces for the summer and winter cable cars were frequently used not only by cable car passengers but also by people from outside the region, e.g. as transit parking in the direction of Austria. Cars were often parked in the spaces for several days and occupied parking spaces that were not available for paying users of the cable car.


Simple management and better control of third-party parkers

The barrier-free solution from Peter Park scans the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot of both railroads and automatically determines the parking time. At the same time, third-party and long-term parkers can be better controlled or prevented. The barrier-free system provides cable car guests with a seamless parking experience, while operators can increase their profitability thanks to the resource-saving solution.

The results

Increased sales and free parking spaces for visitors

More available parking spaces
80 %
Share of cashless payments
48.5 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

The costs for parking space management and maintenance of the parking area are now covered by the income from day tickets, so that the parking lot is self-supporting and no further costs are incurred for the Hörnerbahn. Due to the successful implementation of the pilot project with the Peter Park solution, the operators of the mountain railroad also had the barrier-free system installed in the Winterbahn parking lot in December 2022.

"The barrier-free parking system has been very well received by our guests in our parking areas. The system from Peter Park offers a customer-friendly and convenient parking experience, with no back-ups or queues at the user-friendly machines. As a result, we not only offer our guests a smooth parking process, but the holistic system has also more than paid off from a purely economic perspective."

Martin Fahr
Managing Director of Hörnerbahn GmbH & Co. KG.

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