Digital parking solution at the Arberlandklinik Viechtach

Viechtach, DE
Health facilities
November 2021

- Parking space management

- 3 cameras, 2 vending machines

- Parkster

Digital parking solution at the Arberlandklinik Viechtach
The challenge

Mixed use of the parking area and third-party parking

Although the parking area of the Arberlandklinik Viechtach healthcare facility is intended exclusively for employees, patients and visitors, third-party parkers were repeatedly occupying the parking spaces intended for these users. The operators of the clinic wanted a system that would not only keep parking offenders away, but also enable efficient use of the parking space while at the same time increasing the profitability of the operation.


New revenue and efficient use

The digital system solution from Peter Park enables the operators of the Arberlandklinik Viechtach to implement a differentiated price structure for the various parking lot users. License plate recognition via cameras eliminates the need for barriers and reduces high maintenance and repair costs. Payment is made at two machines by entering the license plate number, either in cash or by debit or credit card. Billing via the Parkster app is also possible.

The results

Process optimization and increased revenue

1,7 %
App payment*
15 %
Share of cashless payments
175 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

Thanks to the implementation of the barrier-free system in the parking area of the Arberland Clinic in Viechtach, not only were different price structures introduced effortlessly, but parking offenders were also successfully kept away from the area. As the system can be expanded on a modular basis, another parking area will be equipped with GDPR-compliant scanners in the near future.

"Our aim was to make optimum use of the existing parking space through targeted parking space management, to avoid third-party parking wherever possible and to keep parking spaces free for patients and visitors close to the hospital."

Christian Schmitz
Clinic board

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