Barrier-free parking at the Alpsee Bergwelt

Immenstadt in the Allgäu, DE
Mountain railroads
March 2022

- Parking space management

- 3 vending machines & 1 camera

- Parkster

Stress-free parking at the Alpsee Bergwelt with Peter Park
The challenge

High traffic volume at peak times

The parking lot of the Alpsee Bergwelt leisure facility in the Allgäu, with its 850 parking spaces, is heavily frequented by different user groups all year round, especially at peak times in the mornings and evenings. The parking area was not managed before the introduction of the Peter Park system; visitors to the local recreation area and the region were able to park their vehicles there without restriction.


Seamless park experience for visitors

Thanks to the barrier-free system, visitors to the Alpsee Bergwelt can park seamlessly and stress-free, as the parking area can be entered and exited without stopping - this avoids traffic jams and long waiting times. GDPR-compliant cameras record the license plates of vehicles entering or leaving the area, which automatically determines the parking time. Payment can be made at ticket machines by entering the license plate number in cash or by credit card, or via the Parkster app.

The results

Fewer third-party parkers and a new source of income

App payment*
41 %
Share of cashless payments
106 kg
Paper savings*
* Extrapolation to one year

Thanks to digital license plate recognition, third-party parking is a thing of the past and the Alpsee Bergwelt parking spaces remain free for visitors. In addition, the cable car company benefits from further income generated by the parking fees. These can in turn be invested in the maintenance of the parking area or the operation, for example, which in turn benefits the guests.

"As a much-visited local recreation area, we feel an obligation to our guests to make their stay with us as pleasant as possible - this also includes a convenient and seamless parking experience. Particularly at peak times, our digital parking system enables an effective and smooth traffic flow and parking process without traffic jams and long queues at the machines."

Sabine Hagenauer
Managing Director of Bergwelt GmbH & Co. KG.

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