AI number plate recognition - more time and turnover

Use your parking spaces effectively and flexibly. With Peter Park , you save costs in the long term and can attract new customers. At the same time, you improve mobility in your city with a smart parking system and exploit the full potential of your parking spaces.

AI number plate recognition

Digitised car park systems

Peter Park

Maximilian Schlereth, Florian Schaule, Patrick Bartler and Stefan Schenk are the creative minds behind the pioneering mobility concept from Peter Park. The parking system impresses with AI license plate recognition and easy-to-use cloud software. The advantages lie primarily in the simple management of parking spaces and comprehensive data analysis.

Market empty space

The car park of a DIY store is blocked off overnight? The company car park is yawning empty at the weekend? The operator of a retail store wants to earn something from the empty space outside of business hours? This is where the flexible parking system comes into play - an end to wasting valuable resources.

Cheaper and more efficient

But even if you want to make your outdated parking system more efficient, we are the right people to contact. Customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland include municipal utilities and parking operators as well as real estate companies and large event venues.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Peter Park - What makes the parking system different

The lack of space in urban areas must be systematically addressed so that city dwellers do not have to do without their mobility in the future. Outdated car park systems with barriers, narrow entrances and 24-hour emergency service no longer meet these requirements. On the one hand, customers lose a lot of time entering and exiting, and on the other hand, classic car parks are comparatively cost-intensive for the operator.

The future is barrier-free and flexible

Peter Park as a technology company, enables digitized parking management and contemporary mobility concepts. The model is based on automatic license plate recognition, barrier-free access and simple payment methods. As an operator, you attract customers more easily because they can conveniently park their vehicle, pay via app and leave again. What's more, you have 100% control over the use of the parking space.

Automatic number plate recognition: how it works

Peter Park's automatic number plate recognition not only replaces barriers and emergency services, but also works in accordance with data protection regulations. The licence plate is captured with an evidence image and time stamp, and the data from the licence plate scanner is transmitted via a 4G network. Due to the privacy filter, however, no comprehensive video recordings of the driver are required. In addition, the data is deleted from the cloud after the area has been used and payment has been made in compliance with the Data Protection Act (DSGVO).

Technology made easy

Say goodbye to expensive, time-consuming maintenance work! The Peter Park technology does not require any adjustments to the ground surface or any partial construction when building the system and is therefore suitable for winter road maintenance. Repairs to barriers or sensors are also a thing of the past. If there are any technical difficulties with parking garage systems, we solve them by remote diagnosis.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Smart City: rethinking mobility

Digital car park systems

Nowadays, urban space has to meet many requirements. For years, Germany's larger cities have been characterised by a lack of space. Rush-hour traffic, tourism and commuters bring mobility to a standstill. At the same time, it is important to take all road users into account and to provide green spaces for recreation.


An important aspect of the traffic turnaround is the reduction of on-street parking spaces in order to be able to offer more spaces for cyclists, for example. Off-street parking spaces in underground garages and car parks are of greater importance. Instead of building new parking spaces and further increasing land sealing, existing spaces should be used more efficiently for the benefit of the general public.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Support new forms of mobility

Car sharing for the urban future

Peter Park welcomes the growing environmental awareness of many city dwellers and citizens and supports new forms of mobility. Car sharing is perfect for people who live in urban areas and only want to use a car as needed. But it is the typical sharing user who does not want to spend a long time looking for a parking space and benefits from clearly organized parking management.

Parking system for electric cars

Drivers of electric cars reduce pollutant emissions and help the climate, especially in the city. Under time pressure, however, it is usually not possible to find a free charging pole. With the Peter Park parking system, you can place your space as a green alternative including charging stations in the leading parking apps.

Peter Park for your parking areas.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of digital parking management.

Finances made easy: The payment systems

On the Peter Park dashboard, you can create statistics about your turnover and check payments at any time. Instead of the classic ticket barrier system, we rely on vending machines and/or parking apps.

Classic: EC/credit card payment and cash payment at the machine

Peter Park offers you the possibility of installing a vending machine for your parking system.

  • EC/credit card payment and cash payment possible
  • No parking tickets necessary, the customer only has to enter his licence plate number for payment
  • Integrated touch screen offers explanatory video in German and English.

Parking apps: Optimal for operators and customers

Even simpler than a vending machine: you let your customers pay through a linked parking app.  

  • Parking system according to start/stop logic
  • Time saving when booking the ticket
  • Contactless payment of short and long-term parking tickets

Advantages of the interface with Parking Apps

Parking apps such as Parkster, ParkNow, EasyPark and PayByPhone show your parking space on the integrated maps in the event of a link, allowing you to make a name for yourself as a green car park operator and attract new customers. In addition, the app also informs potential customers about opening hours, prices and special services such as e-charging or car sharing. Payments are debited digitally.

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